Voicemail is something we all need whether your communications needs are simple or complex.

Golden Voice provides a variety of voice mail options:

  • private voice mail

  • personal voicemail

  • residential 

  • virtual business

  • auto attendant
  • sports teams

  • many other options -  groups or organizations

Voicemail is still a valuable tool in today’s marketplace.

  • Virtual mail always there to collect the message.

  • Protects security, GPS tracking, identity theft.

  • Voice mail remains private, secure mail service.

  • Voicemail allows professional response to calls versus hiring an employee or answering service to answer calls.

  • Voice mail service that affords those who are less than computer and tech savvy a way to get in touch with a phone.

  • Voicemail insulates, discourages phone solicitors, robo calls.

  • Utilize a virtual number versus giving out home phone, business phone or cell phone number.

  • Virtual service available nationwide no matter where you are located.

  • Conveys important information about organization or business. (schedule changes, business hours. etc.)

  • Allows a virtual business greeting and announce options for different products - a  business audio webpage.

  • Customize to your unique needs.

For prices, features, and local number availability, please visit our Service page.