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Should I Disconnect Or Port Telephone Number?

posted Mar 7, 2012, 4:49 AM by Dale Lanham   [ updated Mar 19, 2012, 9:52 AM ]

Maybe you are choosing to travel while gas prices are still reasonable, or finally taking that long extended vacation that you have always dreamed of, or considering becoming an Expat and leaving the country ---

What should you do with your telephone number?
You’ve had for so long or almost forever?

If you keep your home, cell or business line and "port it to voicemail", you still leave open the option to disconnect it later, alternately if you disconnect the number you more than likely will not be able to get the same number back again.

Remember a lot of people have your contact phone numbers, and you may want them contact you.  By keeping your old number you are totally free to be wherever you wish and those who call can leave a message.  Ditch the laptop and cell phone and enjoy yourself and the wonderful places you visit.  By totally disconnecting from your old always connected lifestyle, you can … (fill in the blanks) ... like you’ve never been able to before.  No Internet, No Ringing Phone, No Interruptions.  Quite and peaceful surroundings, letting your mind discover once again what is important in life.

Porting your number to voicemail gives you the most flexibility, and allows you to keep the ties you choose wherever you are and still keep the option of porting it back to a home number at a later time.

Another possibility is to get a new local voicemail phone number in a far off place that you always talked about, like Seattle WA, Key West FL, San Diego CA or Moose Lake MN, giving the impression that you actually did move there --- then move somewhere else instead.  Sending your voicemail calls to one place and choosing to live in another location privately and undisturbed.

start Porting today --- for your getaway