Terms & Conditions

Services activated promptly - Payments expected promptly

Golden Voice may at its sole discretion activate voicemail numbers before payments have been received. The first invoice is due within 1 week, future invoices will be sent via email, USPS or voicemail 2 weeks before services expire. 

Our mailing address is:
                                      Golden Voice
                                      PO Box 308
                                      Littleton, CO 80160-0308

There are no setup charges, no installation fees, no taxes, no other fees or charges. exception: Frequent number changes are $10.00 each

When payments are not received by the due date, we assume you do not want the service and will interrupt or suspend your access to the voicemail. If your service is interrupted or suspended, and you want to keep the service, please call right away to avoid disconnect.  There is a 7 day grace period prior to service interruption.

Changes to your service are at no additional costs.

You can switch to the 3, 6, or 12 month rate anytime you have an invoice to pay.

Related products are on the same voicemail platform, so you can switch between them and keep the same phone number. Charges will be prorated and we will invoice you for the increased amount or refund/credit the decreased amount.  Switching between platforms would require you to change the phone number.

Related products - Golden Voice uses these three voicemail platforms:

  • Just-A-Minute <> Golden Mailbox <> Golden Mailbox+ <> Golden Mailbox+F
  • VMail <>  VMail+ <>  VFMail+
  • Q20mail
Telephone numbers used with our voicemail services are our property, or the property of the vendors we use. As a user of these numbers, be aware that you do not own them, nor have the ability to take them with you. If you wish to own or have ownership of a number, we recommend that you order a portable number from us to use with our Just-A-Minute or Golden Mailbox products.  If you are going to invest a lot into advertising or printing, ownership of a number can provide you with a security that we cannot offer unless you use one of our portable numbers. 

Porting Numbers to Golden Voice will require a completed and signed Letter of Authorization (“LOA”) for any numbers the customer wishes to port.  (LOA required) In addition, Golden Voice will require a recent, applicable copy of the Customer’s current phone bill which contains the Customer’s Billing Telephone Number (“BTN”) as well as a record of any numbers that need to be ported. Necessary LOA(s) and Bill Copy(s) must be received by Golden Voice before the port request is initiated.

If you are moving, we can take back your old number and assign you a new number in the city you are moving to. Customers often continue to use our voicemail service, instead of the local telephone company. Just order the feature Call Forwarding Busy No Answer to send the calls to your voicemail number.

Our voicemail platforms are not designed for or adaptable to high volume calling applications. We reserve the right to charge an excessive usage charge per call. We have the right to refuse to provide service to protect our clients at our discretion. Our commitment to our clients is: 'Neither our customers nor their callers should ever receive a busy signal because of our systems'. If we discover high usages on any of our numbers, the service will be interrupted or suspended and the greeting disabled. Excessive usage charges will be assessed per call and billed to the credit card we have on file. We will then contact the customer and offer to put a 'number has been changed' recording on, and refund the unused portion.

If you find you no longer need our service, disconnect it and we will calculate and refund the unused portion of your subscription. We have always done this, and our customers often come back to us later when they do need voice mail services again.

We are available 24 hours a day to assist you. Please don't hesitate to call us if you are having any questions or problems. We enjoy talking with and helping our customers.